Sack Holders

NHS Forth Valley


NHS Forth Valley had a requirement for Sack Holders for the new Stirling Care Village and decided to obtain samples from the Market Place to see which products would be most suitable both from an Infection Preventiocasen point of view and a practical cleaning and emptying angle.

Box bin in Hospital ward   



The U Group BOXBIN range of sack holders were assessed for their suitability. Under consideration were points such as a fire retardancy, robustness, ease of cleaning and operation.
Features of the BOXBIN such as removable body, silent closure and smooth fire-retardant construction as well as having no sharp edges to trap dirt made it the ideal choice. The range also had a product to suit all locations such as small 23L bins for Washroom areas, 42L for larger rooms and large 70L Bins for busy public areas. Interchangeable, Coloured lids meant that different waste streams could be easily identified.



A total of 540 BOXBINS bins were ordered across the size range with Black, Green and Orange lids to distinguish between domestic, clinical and Recycling Waste streams.